Let it Be, Let it Go


Have you ever noticed that it’s difficult to surrender to your current situation? Like actually sitting with something that’s uncomfortable for you? If you said no, please give me a call and let’s chat about how you got there because let me tell you for me it’s DIFFICULT!

I enjoy planning my day, week, month, even my year out – it gives a sense of security, and yes we can even go a level deeper and say, “Monique, I think you have control issues” and I would kindly reply to you and say, “Yes and to some degree I plan out of fear.” 

The sanskrit word, Vairagya is used in Hindu philosophy meaning to let go, renounce, to be unattached.  This past week I’ve been working through this thought of letting go, surrendering, and asking myself if I surrendered would it really give me liberation like the Bhagavad Gita* says?  

Learning Opportunity 

This week I’ve been handed a lot of opportunities to practice vairagya, mainly when it comes to building my new yogi venture and the future.  This practice is challenging for me because I have to let go and honestly that is scary.

With my new yogi venture, I painted a picture in my head of how it should go.  I would build my website, my social media pages and advertised when I would be teaching, so when all of that manifested I was excited with all these unknown expectations.  These unknown expectations were my friends and family texting me, liking my social media pages, basically getting inundated with hundreds of congratulatory messages. (pause: Let me say, I’m so grateful to my friends and family who sent me sweet messages).  I knew they were expectations because when I didn’t receive the hundreds of messages in the first 2 hours of going live my heart sank a little bit.

Then to top it off I had the little voice inside of my head asking the questions “What ifs” to all these different scenarios that are very near and dear to my heart.  The biggest “What If” story was, ‘What if he never comes?”, he being my person, the man I dreamed of building this empire with, where we heal the community one by one. How do we overcome this mindset? Insert the practice of vairagya, and renouncing the idea of setting expectations and just letting it be and letting it go – now that is liberation.  

Lesson in This

If we keep the channels open to our higher selves, to our God through meditation and yoga, we are clear of any blockages and thus have a listening ear to our guiding light.  I know that might sound scary and you might be saying, all I have to do is meditate and do yoga and I’ll be free from suffering? Well no, the key is to meditate and do yoga so the channels are open and thus you’ll be able to rest in knowing that we will never be given a situation that will put us in harm’s way, there may be hard lessons – but in the end it’s all for the betterment of YOU.

So, I challenge you to do a quick scan of your current situation and see where you can practice vairagya, set up a plan to be consciously aware of yourself as you practice.  Below is a link to a worksheet for you to use in hopes that it will help you stay accountable as you grow on your unique journey through life.  

Many Blessing to You,


Link to Worksheet

*Bhagavad Gita: An ancient Sanskrit scripture that is written in 700 verses that outlines the dialogue between Prince Arjuna and his charioteer Krishna – where Lord Krishna teaches Arjuna the art of non attachment and the freedom that comes with it.   


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