What is its Purpose?

Faith over Fear – How many times do we hear that? We see that on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, there are dozens of posts that encourage us to live in the mindset of Faith over Fear. How do you know that you are living a fear-based lifestyle? Some examples might be:

  • Having No Boundaries set for yourself or you don’t reinforce those boundaries when you are tested because you’re scared of the outcome.
  • Use Sex, Alcohol, Drugs to numb the pain because you fear what might be hiding behind it.
  • Eat When You’re Not Hungry because you’re fearful of the emotions that might creep up so you use food to push them down.
  • Overly Competitive because you’re scared someone might be better than you, which is rooted in insecurities.
  • Prideful because you’re fearful that you might not know everything. (and that’s OK)

I know these examples because at some point in my life I showed these behaviors, and some of them I still do, we essentially act out on these behaviors to protect ourselves.

Turning it Around

How do we get out of that mindset of Fear over Faith?

Let things go, don’t try to control every situation’s outcome
Be in the Present Moment
Feel your Emotions
Practice Self-Care

Any Given Day

This past week I had a meeting with Tina Porter, a Yoga Teacher that I admire tremendously. The goal of the meeting was to see if I would be able to teach at her donation based studio. As we were chatting away, it came to look like I’d be teaching there Monday and Wednesday nights — woohoo! I’m excited beyond words – I’m knocking my Yoga Goals out the park, can’t nobody stop me now!

As we were wrapping up our chat, a fellow yogi, Elena came into the conversation and I mentioned how excited I was to hear she decided to enroll into Tina’s 300 Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) that’s starting in September. Tina asks you should do it, I immediately said “No, I’m not ready for that.” However, at the same time I was asking questions here and there about her training.
If you could put a visual around how I was asking, it looked like I was dancing around a bowl of ice cream debating if I wanted to jump in or not.

The next morning, I receive this heartfelt email from Tina telling me she saw my fear in me. The email was a little of a surprise because I had plans that evolved around teaching and completing a 300 YTT was not on the radar for another 2-3 years and quite honestly the question of “AM I good ENOUGH to enroll into a 300 YTT” was floating around in my head.

For the majority of the day, I was deep in my thoughts about enrolling into a 300 YTT and I came to the conclusion that I was fearful to commit because of own insecurity of being good enough, my pursuit to teach, my time and the cost of yet another YTT. Would I have enough time to for my family, work, teach and my friends? Can I budget in the cost of a 300 YTT?

Get Intimate with Fear

I looked at my fears objectively turned my determination and logical brain on, and said ok how can we make this work? To my amazement, every single fear had an answer!

Family Wednesday and Sunday nights equal Family Nights
Work That I can’t shake – I’m committed to 40 hours hours a week
Teach I’ll teach 1 day a week instead of 4
Friends Prioritizing Happy Hour and Wine Night isn’t hard to do
Money Tightening the Budget a little bit
Am I Ready Looks like I am – YES!

Alright, so why not? You GUESSED IT I DID it! I signed up for a 300 YTT starting in September!

The point of my story is – we are all different, we approach fear differently – find your way on how you approach fear and defeat it by giving it space, time to listen and say ‘I hear you, but we’re going to put Faith over Fear.’

Until next week my friends – have beautiful one!


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