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10 Ways to Self-Love

Self-Love is a priority that we need to give to ourselves, sadly enough with the busy lifestyles we lead, we think of ourselves last.  In order for us to give ourselves in the form of love, time and/or attention to our family, friends and co-workers we need to fill our own cup of love first – how can we give from an empty cup? 

Over the upcoming weeks, I’ll highlight 10 ways that I use to fill my love cup, in hopes that each week you can implement these ways into your life and watch your love cup slowly fill by your own doing.   

Time Management

Who enjoys being dictated during your day by time? We always say “if there was only more hours in a day…” Instead of saying that, manage your time instead of time managing you.  


Giving yourself a routine puts your body in harmony with nature and as you become one with nature your body, mind and consciousness will start transforming at a higher level of functioning.  

Date Days/Nights

Taking yourself out on solo date days or nights gives you time by yourself.  Time by yourself is a great way to get to know you without the thoughts from other people, society and social media.  Time by yourself will give you great insight into your TRUE self. 


The gift of meditation is important for your body and mind to marry together.  During your practice you give your mind the opportunity to quiet and hear the voice from YOUR source (God, Universe, Divine, etc).  If your choosing of meditation is guided meditation, I provide guided meditations here.  

Asana Yoga

Yoga literally means “union,” union of our body, mind and spirit.  When we practice the form of asana yoga, we create space for our stories, the true and untrue stories, and practice rooting in our integrity of our lives.  

Clean Space = Clean Mind

Creating a clean space will naturally give us a clean mind.  Take the time (through time management) to clean and declutter your space so your mind can be clear of clutter.

Eating Healthy

We are what we eat.  By eating healthy we are providing love to our bodies.  One easy way to eat healthy is to balance out eating out vs eating in and cooking for ourselves.  


Journaling is a great time to be with ourselves and it naturally creates a safe space to download our true feelings and unleash the layers that are no longer serving us.  

Read Books

Knowledge is Power.  If your type of book is fiction or non-fiction, reading expands your vocabulary and increases the number of brain nodes.  Make this part of your routine and give yourself the power of knowledge. 

Self Love Sunday

Pick one day of the week that is dedicated to you, take yourself out on your date day/nights during this time, practice yoga and meditation, read, journal.  This is your day – so do you 🙂