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Self-Love: Time Management

Welcome to Part 1 of the Self-Love Series – Time Management.  How we spend our time says a lot about what our goals and aspirations are.  If we’re spending our time stressing out because there’s not enough time in the day then we are not setting healthy boundaries for ourselves and the people around us.  This scenario is a perfect example of cause and effect (karma yoga), if we manage our time effectively, we are spending our time doing things we enjoy and with people that are a priority to us and thus we are filled with love.


Prioritizing our time starts with knowing your true nature so you know what deserves your attention.  Why spend time on things that don’t fill your heart? Life is all about transforming, nothing will be black and white in the moment.  Your priority list will continue to evolve as you transform into your true nature.  

There are areas in my life that the lack of time management is starting to exposed itself.  My lack of time management has always been there and I’ve been slowly trying to change but i guess not fast enough because God has a way of enforcing things in very mystical ways.  So here I am in my current situation which I feel has happened overnight — New Job, Teaching Yoga, Exploring Opportunities to expand my yoga business, Mom, Yoga Student (300 YTT), Home Owner.  Now I’m in the thick of transforming my time management.   


When we are transforming or enhancing our lives for the betterment of ourselves there’s a level of discipline that is involved.   Discipline that requires inner strength to face whatever it is that is inhibiting us from using our time effectively. This is why I believe that time management is an element of Self-Love.  Too often we find ourselves spending time doing what we don’t want to do; a deadend job or doing favors for others because we didn’t say no when we said yes. And my favorite, procrastination, doing things at the last minute is not honoring ourselves or the other people involved because often times the cause and effect of procrastination leads to stress and resentment.

I’ve started down the discipline journey when it comes to managing my time because essentially I was spending too much time with my little demons and letting them tell me false stories of myself and not truly living in alignment with my true self.  Over the last month I’ve reflected and moved around some priorities to ensure my energy is conserved and thus i’m managing my time effectively according to what’s a priority in my life.