About F.L.Y Yoga

Monique Brown has been teaching Hatha Yoga for 3 months in Denver, CO and practicing for 10 years.  Monique was inspired by the way yoga touched her heart and healed her from past traumas.   She graduated from a 200 hrs TT in 2019, studying under Derik Eselius and Brenna Hatami of Axis Yoga.  She teaches a Hatha style yoga class that focuses on cultivating an intimate space for your mind, body and spirit to grow by targeting intermediate asanas in an intentional manner with pleasing music to guide you during your personal practice.  


Through the personal experiences Monique has gone through she made F.L.Y – First Love Yourself her personal mantra on her path to healing and being one with herself.  Yoga has given her the confidence to trust in herself and love herself enough to know that no matter what goes wrong, or not in her way – everything will be fine because Monique has the power within herself to persevere through any uncertainty.  Yoga has given Monique a safe space to heal and she wanted to give this gift of healing to others through teaching yoga… <3


Welcome to F.L.Y Yoga.